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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Witt & Sass Tropical Party card

Tropic like it's Hot, Baby!!  I'm having my own "Tropical Party" here on my blog, celebrating the release of this fabulous Tropical Party stamp set.  Sorry, I was sipping my Mai Tai as I was daydreaming about being on that beach!  OK, I'm back now and can tell you how I put together card #2 for this stamp set.  I used 4 Witt & Sass products to make this card:  1)  Tropical Party stamp set   2)  Background Builders stamp Sand and White Caps   3)  Background Builders stamp Palm Tree   4)  Background Builder Wave Stencil. 
Ok, let's start at the beginning, shall we?!

I started with my A2 sized NSW 80# cardstock in the vertical position.  I sort of started in the wrong place, but I did it intentionally as I didn't want to have to mask my flamingo for this part (I tell you, I am truly lazy at heart!).  I decided I could start with the sky, using the BB Waves Stencil, then later stamp my flamingo's head so only the fruit would be in the sky.  I figured I could color the fruit dark enough to cover the orange (it mostly worked).  I positioned the stencil so I would have enough room to stamp the sentiment in the clouds at the top.  I then blended my Distress Oxides Ink  from a medium bluish purple into yellow then into an orange color just at the horizon.  After removing my stencil, I used a BVOO Copic marker to add a shadow at the base of the clouds (similar to the  Layered Stencil Cloud).  I then stamped my flamingo in Gina K's Amalgam black ink and also made a mask for her so I could work on the background elements.  Using the BB Sand and White Caps, I stamped where I wanted the sandy beach to be and the sandy area for the palm tree.  As there seemed to be too much "open water" in the background, I decided to make a sand bar further out.  For that I actually used the BB Wave Stencil and used the wave elements with Versamark ink and embossing powder (I wanted some reflection, like it was a little wet from the waves crashing into it).  I started out with gold embossing powder, then used the narrower wave on the stencil on top of the gold embossing powder and applied silver embossing powder.  I did it a couple times to add more dimension to my "sand bar."  I then went about coloring the water with my Copic markers, using the BV's near the horizon to pick up that color in the sky, then moved closer in and changed into several layers of blues and blue/greens.  I left a wide area where I wanted to blend the sand and the water together.  I stamped my palm tree on a separate piece of paper, then colored it with my Copics and fussy cut it out.  I worked on the sandy area for my palm tree, Adding more dots for the sand with a slightly darker Copic marker.  I repeated this in the pale areas of the water close to the chore.  I adhered my palm tree and added a shadow in the sand.  Next I stamped the sand along where my flamingo was standing, using the BB Sand and White Caps stamp.  I decided to white emboss some of the waves in the water and also use one of the white caps stamps to create a small "wave" right on the water-line of the beach.  I white embossed that as well.
It was finally time to remove the mask and Copic color my beautiful flamingo!!  My plan of covering up the orange in her fruit hat worked well except for the bananas.  I ended up using a white gel pen to color in the bananas first, then add color on top of that.  It worked!  I also added very small white reflection marks on some of the fruit with my gel pen (it really made the fruit come to life).  I also added small white highlights to my flamingo (on her back and legs) and a bit to the palm tree trunk.  Back to my Copics, I added some shadows in the sand around the flamingo as well.
I returned to the top of my card and stamped the sentiment from the Tropical Party stamp set in Versafine Black Onyx ink.  I cut down my card panel to a width of 4 inches, then I mounted it to a turquoise A2 top folding card base.  Again, as I always do, I looked at my card and felt something was missing.  I had left the string of pearls white on my flamingo, but now I had a better idea! ­čĺí       I went to my embellishment drawer and found some small sticky backed pearls that were strung together (just like my pearl necklace!!)  I layed out the pearls on my card, around my flamingo's neck and Yes!!  I was now done.

I hope you enjoyed my card, I love doing scene building cards!  I hope this gives you some inspiration of your own, and try using some of the products you have not only as they were intended, but perhaps in some other creative capacity (like the stencil I used for the embossed sand bar or the sticky backed pearls for a necklace!).

To see other Witt & Sass design team creations, go to Witt & Sass Facebook page (you'll need to join first), or check Instagram @wittandsassstampco.  Also the store's website has lots of inspiration and information about W & S, some of it really funny, really!  Their website is https://www.wittandsassstampcompany.com/  Also, don't miss out on all the Blog stuff, too.  You'll find that at https://www.wittandsassstampcompany.com/blogs/news  However, if you just want to see more of my stuff, visit me on Instagram, that's where all my work is located.  I'm jktaylor911.  I don't blog every card, so IG has so much more!

Hope to see you soon, thanks for visiting!



  1. Oh my god! It is so beautiful. I have started liking flamingos a lot. I might just convert my room into a beach with flamingos. I have even planned a themed party for my daughter this year and have booked one of the venues in Los Angeles. It is going to be pink everywhere.


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