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Jill Taylor
Jill Taylor

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

2018 Blog Re-design

Hi there friends and fellow crafters!!  2018 is here and I felt like a change was needed to my Blog.  So I worked on it a bit, but it still needs some tweaking.  Let me know what you think, offer suggestions, etc.  I am hardly very tech savvy, so your advice would be so appreciated!  After all, I want my site to be easy for you to use, helpful, and visually pleasing.  I've been MIA for about a month recovering from hip surgery.  But I have a card post lined up for January 24th!!  I'll continue my 2 posts a month for Kennedy Grace Creations but I also will have some Guest Designer posts for 7 Kids Crafting Supply Store in February and April.  I believe besides my blog post and IG post, it will also post on the 7 Kids Customer Create FB page.  If that changes I will let you know.  But check it out, they have some great posts on their site and I love their store.  I've become acquainted with some new product lines (to me) and Kelly the owner is just fabulous!  Really fast shipping, too.

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